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Having attained several family documents researched by my aunt I decided to continue her work.

My primary purpose was to find all the links back to first entry into Australia. Once having completed that task I will move to overseas.

Some records will be difficult to find overseas especially when going into Poland/Russia and Germany/Denmark but at this stage finding some of the ship entrances has been difficult.

The National Archives of Australia, the NSW Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages, State Records NSW, Digger, Queensland Department of Justice BDM Records, Australian Cemetery Index and many other sites have been invaluable. I'm stunned with the work the National Archives of Australia has done and it worries me that they are having financial cut backs. I'm angry with the South Australian governments laziness in providing information (especially the cost and total lack of help), having said that many people have picked up the slack and tried to help. The National Archives of Australia has been extremely helpful in this area with the opening up of Naturalisation records. Someone has gone to a lot of effort here and I would like to thank him/her/them.