Joseph Thomas Kennedy

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M, b.1848, d.1924


Father Michael Kennedy
Mother Margaret Fahey


Born 15 April, 1848 in Molong, New South Wales[1][2]
Baptised 25 April, 1853 in Carcoar, NSW, Australia[1]
Died 7 June 1924 by bullet wound to the head (suicide) in Paddington, NSW, Australia[2]
Buried Church of England Cemetery Rookswood, NSW, Australia[2]


Married Florence Hutchison, daughter of John Hutchison and Jannet Tweedie Kerr on 2 March 1881, officiated by F.M. Dalrymple in the presence of Daniel Robert Hutchison and Isabella Dalrymple at St John's Church Molong, NSW, Australia and according to the rights of the Church of England.[3]
Herbert Joseph Goodrich Kennedy rb.1881, rd.1936
John Andrew Kennedy rb.1884, rd.1937
Victor Ernest Daniel Kennedy b.1886, d.1925
Margaret J. Kennedy rb.1889
Linda R. Kennedy rb.1891
Henry Percy D. Kennedy rb.1893, rd.1965


1881-1886 Carrier[3][4]
1915 Labourer[4]
1924 Watchman[2]


1881 living in Goodrich Rd, Cecil Park, NSW, Australia[3]
1924 living in 36 Heeley St, Paddington, NSW, Australia[2]


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