Samuel Robb McIntyre

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M, #14, b.1857, rd.1927


Father William McIntyre[1][2]
Mother Jane Robb[1][2]


Born 29 January 1857 in Glasgow, Scotland[2]
Registration of Death 1927 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.[3]


Married Rebecca Margaret McConnell, daughter of James McConnell and Mary Jane Birmingham on 21 November 1883, officiated by J.D. Langley in the presence of Phillip Pepin and Christine Laurence at St Philips Church, Sydney, NSW, Australia[1]
James Alexander McIntyre rb.1884, rd.1963
William Thomas McIntyre rb.1886, rd.1951
Lily May McIntyre rb.1888, rd,1942
Samuel R. McIntyre rb.1891, rd.1973
Vera McIntyre b.1892, rd.1967
Mary J McIntyre rb.1894 rd.1895
Victor Robb McIntyre rb.1896, rd.1968
Maggie McIntyre rb.1898
Pretoria Francis McIntyre rb.1900, rd.1978


1883 Master Mariner[1]
1892 Hotel Keeper[4]


24 March 1916 - 3 Alfred St, Newcastle, NSW, Australia[5]


Ordered Death Certificate [3]


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