William Wolfe Boby Everett

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M, #25, b.1845, d.1924


Father Charles Everett b.1815, d.1892
Mother Henrietta Gamble b.1820, d.1903


Born 10 November 1845 in Adelaide, SA, Australia.[1]
Died 27 September 1924 of a heart attack at Sansome Rd, Glanville, SA, Australia.[2]


Married Lucy Harriet Ward, daughter of Charles Kennard Ward and Sarah Langley (Sally), on 26 November 1873 at Baptist Church, Flinders St, Adelaide, SA, Australia.[3]
Everett Langley Everett (Eva) b.1875, d.1968
Egbert Charles Everett b.1876, d.1948
Cedric Boby Everett b.1878, d.1878
Etta Berta Everett b.1880, d.1880
Netta Mercia Blair Everett b.1881, d.1881
Philip Hubert Everett b.1882, d.1963
Vera Henrietta Everett b.1884, d.1972
Murrell Boby Everett b.1886, 1978
Harry Blair Everett Everett b.1888, d.1933
Doris Lucy Everett b.1891, d.1894
Iris Rita Everett (Rita) b.1894, d.1960




1924 Glanville, SA, Australia[2]


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