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Family Tree

Welcome to my Family Tree. This isn't a project to follow a single surname (family name) but one in which I can identify all the branches spreading out for my family.

The only people who will not be shown in this tree are the ones that are still alive.

There are several ways in which you can follow the tree, I will start with Surname (Family Name) first and from there I'm hoping it will grow.

Tree Start

  • Born Overseas
Charles Dunsford
*Thomas Frederick Dunsford
Annie Lloyd
*Robert Edward Dunsford
34. *Unknown
*Louisa Cotterell
35. *Unknown
*Brian Charles Dunsford
Walter Edwin Bunn (aka Slyde)
*Oliver Slyde (Alver)
37. *Unknown
*Mary Elizabeth Slyde
Luke Clarke
*Catherine Clarke
39. *Unknown
Adam Dunsford
*Joseph Clement Fosse
Bertram Bazil Fosse
*Harriet Bertram Noel
Horace Fosse
Paul Higgs
Ruby Higgs
Sarah Jane Evans
Helen Margaret Fosse
*John Goodwin
Patrick Joseph Goodwin
*Bridget Dean
Ellen Patricia Goodwin
*William Gourlay
Blanche Louise Margaret Gourlay
*Mary Jane Langley
Gabriella Lara Angelina Dunsford
Joseph Thomas Kennedy
Victor Ernest Daniel Kennedy
Florence Hutchison
John Alexander Kennedy (Jack)
*Samuel Robb McIntyre
Vera McIntyre
Rebecca Margaret McConnell
John Victor Kennedy
William Wolfe Boby Everett
Philip Hubert Everett
Lucy Harriet Ward
Dorothy Margaret Everett
*Alexander Wilhelm August Bietz
Johanna Margaretha Blanca Bietz
*Augusta Catharina Mathilde Sander
Samantha Helena Kennedy
56. *Unknown
*Stanisław Walisiewicz
57. *Unknown
*Tadeusz Walisiewicz (Ted)
*Teofil Baczkowsk
*Helena Boczkowska
*Maria Bialkowska
Helena Marya Walisiewicz
*Stanisław Rosłan
*Ludwik Rosłan (Louis)
*Maria Yakubik
Wanda Rosłan (Flo)
62. *Unknown
*Maria Kempe
63. *Unknown